Investor Awareness

The Securities Commission seeks to raise the level of investment awareness in the securities of individual investors and companies in line with their vision and strategies through the introduction of information, regulations and regulations concerning the financial markets regulations to ensure the investor to obtain a safe investment through:

Provide the necessary transparency and disclosure in the stock market and provide the investor with all the needed necessary information when making the investment decision, whether it relates to the performance of issuance companies securities or trading process or entities subject to the control of the Commission.

The imposition of deterrent penalties against violators of prohibited business.

Receiving and investigating complaints from the public and investors and taking appropriate measures, including the imposition of penalties on those who violate the provisions of the law and the regulations and instructions issued pursuant thereto.

Provide continuous training to the staff of the Commission and the employees of the Stock Exchange and the Center to improve their scientific and professional level, in addition to the interest in training employees in financial services companies, licensees and financial accredited and focus on their scientific and professional competence


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