The interview of His Excellency with Al-Sabah newspaper

Jun 8th, 2023

During his interview with Al-Sabah newspaper, His Excellency the Chairman of the Securities Commission, Mr. Faisal Al-Humais highlighted on:

His Excellency Mr. Faisal Al-Haimus, expects a decrease in the exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and its stability after the approval of the 2023 budget.

Al-Haimus pointed out that the commission supports the Iraqi dinar, and its stability should be a common interest.

The stability of the dinar price will enhance confidence between investors and the Iraqi stock market.

The Central Bank of Iraq took measures to reduce the fluctuation of the exchange rate and expected it to be stabilize at 1320 dinars for the dollar.

Al-Haimus attributed the fluctuation of the dollar exchange rate to the failure to approve the general budget and not to launch projects.

His Excellency called for the government's support and the pace to approve the general budget to stimulate stability in the exchange rates of the dinar against the dollar.

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