ISC strategic plan for the period (2023-2025)

Nov 22nd, 2022

The Chairman of Iraq Securities Commission, Mr. Hassan Al-ukaily, announced that the Commission has adopted its strategic plan for the next three years, as the plan was prepared by the Commission's experts after an extensive study of the economic conditions in the country, the international and regional economic conditions, as well as the legislative environment in which the non-banking financial sector operates and the extent of its contribution to Macroeconomics of the Republic of Iraq

The plan included five main objectives:

• Promote investment

• Building and developing capabilities.

• Infrastructure development and digital transformation.

• Investment awareness

• Exchange of experiences.

ISC will work to Bring out the meaning of the main objectives into sub-objectives and activities for due to achieve them while continuing to perform its supervisory and oversight role on the sector as well as facing the great challenges that hinder the sector and ISC from growth and prosperity.

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