Al-Mashreq AL-ARABi lslamic Bank for investment



Address: General Administration Bagdad / Al-Masabh square / D929 /A 72/H.N 41 /German Embassy (old building)

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Phone: 6866

Board of Directors



Sadiq Kadhim al-Mashat
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ghadeer Mohammed al-Attar
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ahmed Najm Abed
board member
Alaa Sammawi Kadhim
board member
AbdulHussein Ali Hassoon
Managing Director -board member
Jamal AbduRasool  Ghaeb
board member
Rashad Khudhair Waheed
board member
Asrar AbdulHussein
Vice Managing Director

Affecting ratios

# Partner name Ratio
1 Sadiq Kadhim Baqir Al Mashaat 10 %

Financial Reports

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Baghdad-Al-Mansour-Al-Mutanabi quarter-District 603-St.48

00964 7748202077