The Chairman of the Securities Commission participates in the Turkish-Arab Economic Forum

The fourteenth session of the Turkish-Arab Economic Forum was launched today in Istanbul under the slogan “A New Era of Partnership.” This important event witnessed the prominent participation of many figures and economic officials from various Arab countries and Turkey. Among the participants in this forum is His Excellency the Chairman of the Iraqi Securities Commission, Mr. Faisal Al-Haims.

During the forum, in a speech he delivered, Al-Haims explained the reality of the financial markets in Iraq and the most prominent reforms that have been undertaken to enhance the investment environment in the country. He pointed out the importance of the security stability that Iraq is currently witnessing, which makes it a distinguished investment destination in the region.

The head of the Iraqi Securities Commission called on foreign companies to take advantage of the investment opportunities available in Iraq, stressing that the country offers an open and flexible investment environment.

Mr. Al-Haims concluded his speech by emphasizing the Iraqi government's commitment to provide full support to foreign investors and ensuring the protection of their rights in the Iraqi market.

The participation of the Chairman of the Securities Commission in the Turkish-Arab Economic Forum is an expression of the ongoing efforts to enhance economic cooperation between Iraq, Turkey and the Arab region, and open the door to new investment opportunities and partnerships that enhance economic development in Iraq.


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