ISC delegation participated in the 14th International Forum on Islamic Capital Markets

ISC delegation participated inthe 14th International Forum on Islamic Capital Markets

Held in the Iranian capital, Tehran, from November 6 to 7, 2022,

On the first day, the conferees discussed the following topics:

· Crypto,NFTsandtheMetaverse:ShariahConsiderationsand CurrentApproaches

· NatureandPrinciplesofInternationalIslamicFinancesand TheirDisputesResolution

· CompatibilityofESGandShariaCompliantFinance

· MicroRetailSukukonBlockchainEnabledPlatform

· OutlookoftheWestAfricanMonitoryUnionIslamicCapital Market

· SystemicInnovationProblemsofFintechEcosystem DevelopmentinDevelopingCountries

Chairman of the Securities Commission, Mr. Hassan Al-ukaily, hasheld.

a series of meetings on the sidelines theconference with the participating delegations, and it was agreed to strengthen bilateral relations, The exchange of experiences and information between the Iraqi commission and its counterpart bodies.


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