The Light Industries

Capital: 16,800,000,000 Iraqi dinars

Address: Baghdad - Al-Zafaraniya

Phone number: 07705830088


Board of Directors

  • Name
  • position
  • Muhammad Rasan Allawi
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Mushtaq Zuhair Mohsen
  • Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Ehsan Ali Salloum
  • board member -Vice Managing Director
  • Public Sector - Hind Abdul-Jabbar Mahmoud
  • board member
  • public sector – eklas kamel Benham
  • board member
  • Public Sector – Abdul Rahman Abdul jabar
  • board member
  • Hossam Zuhair Mohsen
  • board member

Affecting ratios

# Partner name Ratio
1 Industrial bank 31 %

Financial Reports

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Baghdad-Al-Mansour-Al-Mutanabi quarter-District 603-St.48

00964 7748202077