Al-Mamoura Real Estat Investment Co

Capital: 22.780.000.000 Billion Dinar

Address: Baghdad - Arsat Hindiya - Babel district - D/ 929 / St. 35 House Number 26

Email Address:

Phone: 07810681558-07901850670

Board of Directors

Muneer Abdul Razzaq AL-Wakeel
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Euprates Iraq Fund Ltd.
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors-
Bassim Abdul Wahab Hashim Kamoona
board member- Managing Director
Saad Ali Reehan
board member
Daya Nouri Bahi
board member
Qaher Fadel AL-Moussawi
board member 
Mohammed Ismail Murad
board member

Affecting ratios

# Partner name Ratio
1 Euphrates Iraq Fund Ltd 63 %
2 Al-Bilad Islamic Bank 13 %

Financial Reports

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Baghdad-Al-Mansour-Al-Mutanabi quarter-District 603-St.48

00964 7748202077