Union Bank of Iraq


Title: Baghdad / Karrada / intersection of Al-masbah / D 903 / Alley 77 / Building 11

Email Address: info@unionbank.iq 

 www. uniinbank.iq.com

Phone: 07901351046

Board of Directors



Ali Moften Khafef

Chairman of board director

Mohamed Moften Khafef

vice chairman

Israa Abd-Alqader Mohammed

Member of account audit

Lateef Jasim Mahdi

Member of account audit

Nabeel Raheem AL-Ibady

General Director

Heba Qassim A.Yama

Compliance officer

Amna Sabea Khamas

Deputy of general Director

Mays Alaa Naje

Audit dep manger

Amera Hamed Ali

Accounting Dep manger

Affecting ratios

# Partner name Ratio
1 13 %
2 13 %

Financial Reports

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