AL- Mansour Hotels Company

Capital: 2,923,200,000 Iraqi dinars

Address: Baghdad - Salhiya - Iraqi Media Network Street

Phone number: 07718844228



  • Name
  • position

Waddah Abdel Rahman Sabry/ representative of Babel Sky Company

Chairman of Board of Directors

Abdul Qadir Saadi Hamdi

vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Aseel Fawzi Jassim

Board member

Muhammad Abdul Razzaq Ahmed / representative of the Gulf Heights Company for Real Estate and Tourism Investments

Board member

Hashem Abdel Majeed Abdel Hamid / representative of the Palestine Hotel Company

Board member

Kamal Dawoud Salman / representative of Al-Rasheed Company for Media Services

Board member

Ali Kamal Ibrahim / Representative of Al-Janabi Group for Trade and General Contracting

Board member

Shahad Adnan Yusuf

Managing Director

Affecting ratios

# Partner name Ratio
1 Tourism Authority 38 %

Financial Reports

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Baghdad-Al-Mansour-Al-Mutanabi quarter-District 603-St.48

00964 7748202077