The Securities Commission participates in the workshop to implement the anti-corruption strategy.

Aug 10th, 2023

The Securities Commission participated in the two-day workshop organized by the Federal Integrity Commission in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program at Babel Hotel. The workshop was attended by a large number of representatives of governmental agencies and concerned bodies, and the sessions were marked by active discussions on developments and challenges in implementing the anti-corruption strategy.

The workshop also discussed institutional coordination mechanisms and a future action plan to achieve the objectives of this main strategy. A representative of the Commission attended the workshop, Mrs. Janan Khalaf, who presented the Commission 's viewpoint in the field of combating corruption and enhancing transparency in the financial sector. The workshop touched on a tangible application model for implementing the anti-corruption strategy, and the details of the action plan and the specific paragraphs in this context were discussed. Potential challenges and ways to overcome them to achieve maximum benefit from this strategy were also discussed. The participation of the Securities Commission in this workshop comes as part of its continuous efforts to enhance transparency and combat corruption in the financial sector, and confirms its firm commitment to achieve the highest standards of integrity and credibility.

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