Courses 2010

The training course which was held in Egypt was included several programs:

1- Listing companies and trading.
2- Course of the Solvency and the Brokerage firms.
3- Financial Disclosure.
4- Governance the companies.
5- Clearing, Settlement and Depository.
6- Inspection and Censorship.
7- Risk management and Share Indices.
8- Information Technology and the Market Status.

Courses 2007


Training course in banking loans for research employees of IAS.

  1. Training course in automated trading in Amman.

Courses 2006
  1. Special program on money laundering from May 14th, 2006 to May 22nd, 2006.

  2. Training course in securities industry development in Malaysia from March 19th, 2006 to March 22nd, 2006.

  3. Training course for the Commission’s employees in IACCI from April 1st, 2006 to April 30th, 2006.

  4. Training course for PR employees by US Izdihar project from April 1st, 2006 to June 15th, 2006.

  5. Training course for disclosure employees.

  6. Training course for inspection and supreme audit employees.

  7. Training course in investment and online trading, in Bahrain.

Courses 2005
  1. Special training course in unified accounting system from September 4th, 2005 to September 18th, 2005.

  2. Special training course in MS Word from September 25th, 2005 to September 29th, 2005.

  3. Course in human resources from September 15th, 2005 to …

  4. Special program in traditional graphic measures from July 17th, 2005 to July 31st, 2005.

  5. Training program in MS Excel program from June 16th, 2005 to June 23rd, 2005.

  6. Training programs in financial, accounting, banking, legislative and administrative areas.