Regulations of Custodian No (17) of 2012

Article (1) Definitions

Commission: The Iraq security Commission.

Market: The securities market licensed by the Commission.

Center: Iraqi Deposit Center.

Regulations No. (2) Updated at 2012

Suspension and Resumption of Trading the Shares of Listed Companies

According to the provisions of Section (11), article (12) of the CPA Order No. 74/2004 of the Interim Law on Securities Markets, and trying to establish the dates and situations where grounds for suspension and resumption of listed companies trading at ISX, The commission has decided to approve the following:

Regulations No (3) amended at 2011

Suspension of trading and Cancellation of Listing at ISX

  1. The Commission may suspend listing in the following cases:
    1. If the company ceases to satisfy a condition for listing stated in the Commission’s instructions No (6).
    2. If the company defaults on disclosure requirements.
    3. If it is necessary to protect the investor or for maintenance of a regulatory stock.

Instructions NO (4) for 2008

Instructions no. (4) for 2008 which has been amended at 2011

Pursuant to the CPA ORDER NUMBER 74 INTERM Law ON SECURITIES MARKETS, Section 12, article12, IT has been decided to issue the following instructions:
Amended Instructions number 4 for the year 2011of financial solvency for the brokerage firms.

Instructions No (14) for year 2011

Instruction no. (14) for year 2011

Disclosure requirements

According to ISC Interim Law number 74 for year 2004 and its amendments, and to fulfill the disclosure requirements by the listed companies at the exact dates which prescribed in the law, so the commission council has decided to do amendments on the instructions that have been sent to you in our publicizing of number 13/304 at 9/3/2010, to be as the following:

Regulations of the Second Market No (15) of year 2011

Regulations of the Second Market No (15) of year 2011

Regulation No. 16 for 2011

Regulations No. 16 for 2011
Trading of the Aware Persons of the Stock Companies Listed in the Stock Exchange

  1. Definitions:
    Commission: Iraqi Securities Commission
    Market: The Stock Exchange licensed by the Commission.